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Offers by Eduard Bargheer

Eduard Bargheer - Stadt im Unwetter
Bargheer, Eduard
Stadt im Unwetter
Watercolor, 1953

Estimated price  2.800 EUR

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Richter, Gerhard - Rot-Blau-Gelb
Richter, Gerhard
Oil, 1973

Estimated price  200.000 EUR

Graubner, Gotthard - Farbraumkörper, gelb/orange
Graubner, Gotthard
Farbraumkörper, gelb/orange
Object, 1999

Estimated price  70.000 EUR

Colen, Dan - Gum painting
Colen, Dan
Gum painting
Object, 2007

Estimated price  30.000 EUR

Geiger, Rupprecht - 555/69
Geiger, Rupprecht
Acrylic on canvas, 1969

Estimated price  20.000 EUR

Fleischmann, Adolf Richard - Composition #4
Fleischmann, Adolf Richard
Composition #4
Oil, 1960

Estimated price  20.000 EUR

Dorazio, Piero - Moonblink III
Dorazio, Piero
Moonblink III
Oil on canvas, 1976

Estimated price  15.000 EUR

Dick, Axel - Spannobjekt 052
Dick, Axel
Spannobjekt 052
Acrylic, 1970

Estimated price  14.000 EUR

Simeti, Turi - Un ovale bianco
Simeti, Turi
Un ovale bianco
Acrylic on canvas, 1981

Estimated price  12.000 EUR

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